Turning Point

Living better and working efficiently

June 1, 2014

Since I learned to develop, there is one thing I never asked myself:

Why do I work on my personal projects during the night?

I love having personal projects, this is not the problem. What is interesting in this question is its last part: during the night.

Until now, I was working at my job all the day, then, after having rested a bit watching TV with my girlfriend, was working again on my own stuff. I always felt productive like this, because I consumed many nightly hours like this.

Some days ago, a colleague told me about a book he reads: The Power of Less from Leo Babauta, who gives tons of good advices on his site zenhabits. In this book, Leo Babauta describes how good it is to work on personal projects early, before going to work.

Seduced by some of his ideas, I decided to give it a try. Instead of enumerating these ideas, I will give the changes I noticed personally:

  • I’m more concentrated, and more efficient the morning, because I don’t have the weight of one work day
  • Having a time limit requires me to time-box tasks and to be more productive
  • Starting the day with something important for me is much better
  • Surprisingly, it’s easier to disconnect from my projects when I have to go to work
  • I start then to work at my job fully-awake (Well, this is really good for the image you give to your colleagues)
  • I’m not tired during my work day
  • I feel sooo much better the night because I don’t want to work at all, and this change everything. When I take time to rest, I don’t have regrets

This is a real change in my life, I really feel better in my daily routine. Apart from that, I decided to change other things, like doing more sports. Being a developer is not a valid excuse for not taking care of me. Plus, I also (re)started to write my blog.

Now, hopefully, I will be able to maintain these changes, and this blog, and you will continue to read me!